HeatSmith 4- Shoot Day

It was the Thursday before Spring Break and the team I had gathered to head the the location included members of the cast, crew, BTS photographers, editorial, make-up and so on. We decided to meet as early as possible in one mutual location to begin make up processes and go over the script. We met at 7am sharp on the 2nd floor of Kinney Hall.

My intent of the day was to shoot the zombie scenes first and the non-zombie scenes second considering we were limited on our time frame. Our actors got into character as well as our director....... 

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Walking around school got a little bit weird after the shoot.

Walking around school got a little bit weird after the shoot.

We created a basic re-enactment and headed to the location to get started around 8:30am. I contacted Kris and we met inside, signed some paperwork and proceeded to begin filming. Our crew hadn't been inside the location yet so a few minutes were spent browsing and myself giving them safespots in which they wouldn't be seen by the camera during filming.

Richard Smith and I spent a little bit brainstorming any last minute ideas for transitions and cuts that would be beneficial for the project and would help in the editing room. After this was completed I gave Richard, Connor and Ken a run down of their roles and each scene we'd shoot in which order. Our first scene we'd be shooting was Connor just after he had been infected and gradual work forward on the day.