Update: Project HeatSmith

Unfortunately my Tumblr site is out of commission until further notice. My Yahoo account has been banned for reasons unknown and i'm unable to access my account to update my Tumblr blog. Hopefully it's only temporary, but here's my update on project HeatSmith.

I've spent the last week or so developing the script, scouting location, studying characters and development, studying found footage, etc. in order to properly benefit the upcoming filming from Sonitus Mortus (production name). The script is completed, but as with any production, changes are certainly applicable after further review.

I based the script off of the concept of DABDA, the 5 stages of death and accepting it. Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. Each having it's own element with our main character, the cameraman. He goes through these tribulations while outrunning his friend (former) Trap, the rapper. He'll go from complete ignorance of the situation, to fighting back as if it were him simply defending himself in a street fight. After these emotions are through Richard he begins to understand the situation at hand and the possibility of his life not necessarily being promised after this situation, so he confronts death face on.

I tried to develop ideas that hadn't been used before to set the script apart and create elements that may not have been seen before. Creating realistic emotion through the cameraman is a primary objective of the film, as well as using the camera not only as a barrier between the cameraman and zombie, but as a weapon, too.

I had to be fairly loose with the script in order to account for the location issues we're dealing with. So far our contacts and locations have been following through, so we may need to develop improvisation on set of wherever we manage to shoot.

In order to account for timing issues and creating the illusion that this is all one take of footage, we'll be creating several situations of motion blur and shake that will be easy to stitch in post production to give the thought that separate scenes weren't actually shot.

Next steps are to develop choreography and meet with the actors to create roles and give them an idea of their characters.

Wish me luck, yo.